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John M. Robinson



John began his career with Ne-Co Asphalt Co., Inc. in September of 1995.  Through hard work and dedication, John became the general manager of Ne-Co Asphalt.  He is the head estimator and asphalt plant supervisor. He also plans the daily work schedule and performs many other duties for the company.  John is well known and highly respected in the asphalt community.  Not only does John schedule appointments and meets with the private sector, he also is the liaison between the State of Illinois, counties, and various city personnel.


Toni Dowd

Office Manager


Toni Dowd came to work for Ne-Co Asphalt Co., Inc. in January of 1996.  Toni fills many roles as the office manager.  She is in charge of invoicing, payroll, employee benefits, and a large amount of recordkeeping that comes with a company the size of Ne-Co. Nothing escapes her attention while keeping the office organized and running smoothly.  Toni greets everyone who walks through the door with a smile and is always eager to be of assistance.

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